Damn Good Advice

Damn Good Advice

Damn Good Advice (for people with teeth) is a brand new book created to shed light on the weird, wonderful and at times, feared art of dentistry. This guide is the ‘missing handbook’ for people with teeth – either their own teeth or specially crafted replacements.

With over 8 feature articles including ‘We know the drill, we fear the drill’, ‘An inconvenient tooth’ and ‘The man behind the mask’, Damn Good Advice (for people with teeth) is packed full of practical everyday advice.

Dentists today (thankfully) bear little resemblance to the smile stealers of a bygone era. The modern-day dentist restores our faith in the way we feel about our face, our smiles and self-perception. They transform the way we interact with our own species, improve our ability to express ourselves, and yes, our ability to woo. Whatever you think about the dentist, read this guide. It might help you adopt some simple strategies for overcoming fears and phobias in support of living a life free from the malaise of a mouldering mouth.

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